Don't be a tourist in Paris
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Go French Yourself
The Paris Travel Guide Even Parisians Are Buying

The Paris Travel Guide Even Parisians Are Buying

Don't Be A Tourist in Paris is just the kind of city guide we need more of in this rate-it-out-of-five-stars TripAdvisor world. Engaging as a midnight conversation, delightful as an Audrey Hepburn film, and full of finds surprising even to the locals, today author Vanessa Grall (who also created the wildly popular blog Messy Nessy Chic) shares 14 impossibly charming alternatives to Paris tourist spots, all of which you'll find in her book (and then some.) Googling 'flights to Paris' in another tab yet?


Don't Be a Tourist in Paris: The Messy Nessy Chic Guide. $35, Vanessa Grall (Roads Publishing).
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