19 Extravagant Parisian Pleasures
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Why Don't You...

Why Don't You...

There are those who believe minimalism is the way to happiness. And then there was Diana Vreeland. As a young editor at Harper's Bazaar, she wrote a recurring column called "Why Don't You?" in which she suggested readers wash their children's hair with flat champagne and carry bejeweled, gold mesh bags at all times, among other fabulously impractical little life hacks. Below, 19 Diana-inspired suggestions to save for when you're feeling low, as told by 19 Parisiennes. Allez, why don't you...

"Scent your house with Guerlain instead of air freshener?"
- Julie, 35

"Shave black truffles onto your microwave tagliatelle?"
- Chloé, 29

"Rent out your little apartment for two weeks on Airbnb, sleeping on your friend's couch in the meantime, then use the money to throw a two-day house party here?" 
- Camille, 28

"Make sangria with a bottle of Chateauneuf-du-Pape?"
- Lola, 23

"Buy yourself a hand-embroidered umbrella from Parasolerie Heurtault?"
- Céline, 30

"Skip dinner and treat yourself to a single, very expensive cocktail—alone—at the Bar Hemingway?"
- Alexandra, 26

"Bring a cafétière with you to work instead of using the office Nespresso machine?"
- Léa, 26

"Buy a fire extinguisher cabinet and put a bottle of vintage rosé champagne in it?"
- Ana, 24

"Keep a long-stemmed wine glass on your desk and use it exclusively for water?"
- Anne-Sophie, 21

"Call in sick to work and spend the day making bread from scratch?"
- Maÿlis, 26

"Wear an orchid in the buttonhole of your jacket like Marcel Proust used to do?"
- Anne-Flore, 30

"Go to a fabric shop and ask for two meters of of green velvet to use as a picnic blanket this summer?"
- Charlotte, 30

"Dress and do your makeup like Anouk Aimée in La Dolce Vita for a straight week?"
- Margot, 25

"Wear see-through black chiffon in the summertime?"
- Léa, 20

"Grow a clementine tree in your studio apartment?"
- Louise, 41

"Sprinkle some Fleur de Sel de Guérande onto fresh pineapple? It tastes amazing, really!"
- Amandine, 29

"Switch out your cheap, single-ply toilet paper for 4-ply rolls when guests come over? I don't know, I feel like people who buy such luxurious toilet paper must be doing well in life."
- Manon, 19

"Import your bread once a month from Poilâne bakery?"
- Marie, 30

"Embroider a white t-shirt with the initials of the fake name you've always wanted? Mine would say 'MDP': Marlène de Perlimpinpin."
- Camille, 21
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